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photoCOLJOSEPH GRAY (1890-1963) was a painter and etcher of landscapes, architectural subjects and battlefield scenes, of which some of his most evocative work hangs in the Imperial War Museum and Regimental Museums throughout Britain. He was born at South Shields, Tyne and Wear, Durham on 6th June 1890. The son of Joseph Gray, a master mariner, Gray junior trained as a sea-going engineer before attending South Shields Art School under John Heys. He travelled widely – to Russia, Germany, Spain, France and Holland – gathering material for his drawings, before moving to Dundee c.1912, to work for the newspaper publisher D.C. Thomson, as an illustrator for the Dundee Courier and other associated press.sig2gray artOn Saturday 13th June 2015, a never before seen  Joseph Gray artwork was gifted to The Highlanders’ Museum at Fort George by the grandson of Gray’s friend and agent Andrew Paterson. The Paterson family had donated two of the three large Joseph Gray paintings on show in the museum in the 1940s-1950s, and with this untitled Gray original, painted in 1918 and stored in a loft for many years, Andrew Chalmers followed in the tradition of his mother Constance and uncles Hector and Hamish Paterson in presenting it to the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders collection.

Banner image top left: 6th Battalion The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders at the Battle of Loos, 26 September 1915 painted in 1919 on display at The Highlanders’ Museum, Fort George. Top right: 7th Camerons at the Battle of Loos, Hill 70, 25 September 1915 painted in 1921 on display at The Highlanders’ Museum, Fort George. Bottom left: 4th (Ross-shire) Territorial Battalion Seaforth Highlanders at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, March 1915 painted in 1920 on display at The Highlanders’ Museum, Fort George. Bottom right: After Neuve Chapelle, 10 March 1915 painted in 1921 on display at the Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection.

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